Springville, NY

Winfield H. Smith founded Winsmith in 1901 and began operations in Buffalo, New York. In 1924, the company moved to Springville, New York and currently operates three US based manufacturing facilities.

Winsmith designs and produces worm, planetary, differential planetary, planocentric, epicyclical, and helical gearing technologies for a wide range of markets and applications including packaging, food processing, broadband satellite communications, solar energy array tracking, hydro flow generation, motion control, and aerial swing boom man lifts.

Winsmith's SE Speed Reducer series of industrial worm gearing includes the SE Encore, SE Maximizer Plus, and SE Stainless Steel product lines. These products offer a "good, better, and best" approach to the packaging, food processing, communications, motion control, automation, conveying, and specialty machine building markets. Over 1 million product configurations of SE Speed Reducers are available to ship in 24 hours. Winsmith's Motion Control products offer high torque density, adjustable low backlash, and servo motor capabilities. Winsmith's custom enclosed gearing products serve a variety of special applications ranging from aerospace and military to mining and food.