Conveyor Components

Bryant Products: design and production of conveyor components and coatings for the material handling industry. They supply superior designs for the rollers, pulleys, takeups, and friction coatings used in conveying systems. Telescoper® brand takeup sizes are in stock for same day shipment. Customized takeups can ship within 2 weeks.

Syntron Material Handling: design and manufacture conveyor parts including idlers, screws, screens, buckets, vibrators

Conveyor Systems

Webster Industries: manufactures a wide variety of heavy duty conveying systems including apron conveyors made of overlapping steel pans mounted on SBR chains. The pans are engineered to absorb the impact of large lumps, repeated loading and inclined conveying with minimum spillage or material breakage. They also manufacture vibrating conveyors designed specifically for rugged, difficult environments that other conveyors have difficulty in handling.  

Syntron Material Handling: service proven performance under demanding operating conditions: bucket elevators, vibrating feeders with solid-state feeder controls, screw conveyors, paper joggers and more!


Paletti USA: complete line of aluminum profiles and associated hardware used in conveyor assemblies. Additionally, they can supply conveyor belt tensioners, conveyor rollers, guide rollers, Idler rollers, motor units, protective covers and roller fastening sets.

Material Handling

JW Winco: Operating, Clamping and Machine Parts 

Joyce: Screw Jacks, Actuators, Lifting Systems, Stainless Steel & Metric