Cleveland Motion Controls (CMC)


Cleveland Motion Controls (CMC) offers a broad line of industrial control and automation solutions such as Engineered Systems, Motion Controllers, Tension Controllers, Web Tension Control, Tension Transducers and Load Cells.

Under the Cleveland Motion Controls (CMC) brand, Lincoln Electric provides Motion Control and Integrated System Solutions for a variety of applications in a broad range of industries. Lincoln Electric sells individual components, many of which are customizable to your specific application, as well as completely engineered systems.

Web tension control products and solutions from Cleveland Motion Controls are of the widest product ranges in the industry. With our focus on tension transducers, web tension load cell amplifiers, embedded load cell amplifiers and tension controllers, CMC can meet all of your web tension control needs.

CMC combines all of its expertise in engineering and programming to offer a complete line of products geared towards providing affordable solutions to the marketplace. Through the use of web tension controllers CMC can solve your most challenging application needs.